Form 2290 E-filing Process

Step 5: Review Errors

Carefully verify the information you have provided the IRS for your Form 2290. If you need to change any information, click on the edit button next to the information. If you are satisfied, click Review to continue. ExpressTruckTax will now check your return for any basic errors. If ExpressTruckTax does not find any errors with your return you will be prompted to continue.

In the event that your return contains errors you will receive a notification of the errors that need to be corrected before continuing. For each error message, you will need to read the description carefully, then select the “Fix Me” button to go directly to the page with the error & make the necessary corrections.

After ExpressTruckTax reviews your tax data for errors and the errors have been corrected ExpressTruckTax automatically updates your form 2290. To complete your return you will now need to click on the “Transmit the return to the IRS” button.